Fred Hoover

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Frederick A. Hoover

Frederick A. Hoover, born October 21, 1887, at New Sharon, Iowa, was an exhibition aviator and flying instructor during the Exhibition Era. He learned to fly an aeroplane at the Curtiss school in Hammondsport, New York, and at the Curtiss Training Camp at North Island, San Diego, California, in the fall of 1911. He was granted F.A.I. license #100 on February 28, 1912, and was hired as an exhibition aviator by the Mills Aviators of Chicago, Illinois. Also flying for the Mills Aviators during the 1912 exhibition season were Nels Nelson, Didier Masson and Art Smith. He was headquartered at the Aero Club of Illinois' Cicero Flying Field, Cicero, Illinois, during the 1913 and 1914 seasons, making a number of cross-country flights. After a short stint with an aerial passenger-carrying service in Hammond, Indiana, Hoover returned to the Cicero Flying Field, which was his base of operations during the 1915 exhibition season. During the Great War Hoover was an instructor with the U.S. Army Signal Corps in Illinois, Ohio and Tennesse. He ceased flying in 1924 while with the Packard Motor Company where he helped develop and test aeroplane engines. Hoover was an active member and officer of the Early Birds of Aviation.